Simulation & CFD Solutions

With a strict budget and specific goals defining your project, your building systems design must ensure that the selected systems and equipment perform as anticipated — both now and in the future. The drawings might look great and the systems appear innovative, but how can you know for certain?

Using advanced design tools and techniques, Southland Engineering can confirm our designs meet your unique project goals and address your most challenging design issues in a cost-effective manner. Through the virtual design of simulation, we allow you to visualize outcomes early on. By virtually modeling real cases, we analyze the design variables of your project in order to determine the best selections. This strategy also allows critical scenarios to be predicted and practical solutions to be proposed prior to installation.

By employing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we can determine exactly how your systems and equipment will operate. Computational fluid dynamics allows us to analyze the flow field and temperature distribution within a designated area, as well as the thermal and load stresses of your corresponding facility structure. Leveraging CFD and FEA, we parameterize the design variables and perform sensitivity analysis, leading to a shortened design phase and an effectively optimized design.