Engineering Plumbing Solutions

Plumbing is not a convenience, but a necessity for the health of human beings. At the bare minimum, your plumbing design partner should be able to deliver systems that generate hot water in the most energy efficient manner and properly dispose of sanitary waste and storm water — but, what about when you need a system designed for small plenum spaces above the ceiling, or keeping water away from expensive equipment and sensitive areas?

Southland Engineering has the ability to design highly sophisticated plumbing systems that distribute the specialized water or gases you need, in accordance with the latest standards, codes, and laws. We are well versed in designing for small interstitial space, mission critical environments that rely on maintaining dry areas, and sustainable requirements. Our past plumbing designs have included a variety of cutting-edge systems and materials, like copper silver ionization used to disinfect and control legionella, as well as green systems like rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse for cooling systems.

Working closely with our constructability and coordination experts, our plumbing engineers deliver the highest quality, yet most cost-effective, solutions.  Focusing on modularization, our designs always consider opportunities for fabrication and preassembly. By leveraging our expertise of conventional systems, emerging technologies, water conservation, and renewable energy, we can achieve the performance and cost goals of your facility.