Achieve Better Outcomes with BIM Solutions

Without the right tools and strategies, converting your building systems design to fabrication and construction becomes a disorganized, and often inaccurate, costly task. Your project can face problems like inaccurate design content, models that are not constructable, and unnecessary waste, in addition to poor execution planning, adherence to standards, and quality of data.

As an Autodesk partner, Southland Engineering is on the forefront of new technology and processes. Continuously pushing the envelope in Autodesk Revit BIM software design and fabrication capabilities, we use building information modeling and building information management (BIM) to streamline your project delivery through better collaboration and communication. Because BIM can help to reduce risk and waste for the entire project team, our BIM strategy incorporates the needs of users at each stage of the project lifecycle.

With proper planning and input from both our constructability and BIM support teams, our models are created with expertise that ensures a constructable, maintainable facility from day one. Working alongside an experienced estimating team with background in construction, we can ensure accurate pricing and allow labor to be accounted for early on in the design stage.  Through early constructability reviews, we also identify modular prefabrication opportunities before significant modeling takes place, which eliminates costly rework, helps pinpoint efficiencies in the construction processes, and leads to safer installation overall.

Our BIM solutions are supported by our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that ensures our team can work from anywhere at any time, reducing disruptions and errors with improved access to files and connectivity.