California Pacific Medical Center: St. Luke’s Campus

Located in San Francisco, the California Pacific Medical Center’s St. Luke’s Campus is an acute care facility advocating sustainability and efficient patient care. The medical center features various technological advancements, complies with California’s Office of Statewide Health and Planning and Development (OSHPD-1) standards, and can withstand and remain open in the wake of a strong earthquake.

Southland Engineering provided HVAC, medical gas, and plumbing design services for the 215,000 square foot medical facility. St. Luke’s features seven stories, 120-beds, five operating rooms, two C-section operating rooms, ten intensive care unit beds, and ten airborne infection isolation rooms, as well as a pharmacy, advanced imaging, and pre- and post-operating areas.

Approach & Innovations

Employed by an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method, Southland Engineering provided a sustainable and constructible design that met both schedule and budget requirements. The IPD method allowed Southland Engineering to work closely with the architectural team and other trade subcontractors to reduce rework, minimize potential team conflicts, and quickly coordinate changes. Additionally, the design team was able to collaborate with constructibility leads to discuss past healthcare construction and design issues and create potential solutions.

Per owner requirements, Southland Engineering designed sustainable features to improve the well-being of patients, staff, and guests alike. The design team provided a two-zone up and down feed recirculating domestic hot water system. The domestic hot water is provided by redundant plate heat exchangers connected to dual fuel condensing boilers, both natural gas and fuel oil, and 1,000-gallon storage tanks to provide enhanced efficiency and system redundancy.  Additionally, Southland Engineering designed the mechanical systems to feature three rooftop air handling units (AHU), two of which serve the seven floors of the main hospital, provide 100 percent outside air, and constant volume units with chilled water and hot water coils. The third AHU serves the critical care spaces and is a partial recirculation unit with a chilled water coil and an electric-to-steam humidifier that provides tight temperature and humidity control.


Client: Sutter Healthcare

Location: San Francisco, California

LEED: Goal-Certified

Square Footage: 234,000