SLS Hotel and Casino

Located in Las Vegas, the SLS Hotel and Casino is an all-encompassing, mixed-use hotel and casino that offers a luxurious resort experience. Spanning more than 1.5 million square feet, the facility features three towers and a low-rise building with 1,600 guest rooms.

Southland Engineering provided HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection hotel design services for two fully renovated towers and one partially renovated tower including all mechanical rooms. The team’s “podium” design of the large casino renovation, as well as the large pool and casino addition, included two nightclubs, convention center, eight restaurants, six kitchens, and numerous pools, bars, and restrooms throughout the facility.

Approach & Innovations

Due to an aggressive timeline and strict budget, Southland Engineering collaborated with the project’s construction, service, and testing, adjusting, and balancing teams to maximize reuse of systems. Early in design, the teams were able to survey rooftop air handling units (AHU), central plant chillers, boilers, pumps, and booster pumps, as well as heat exchangers, boiler feed systems, and steam and condensate piping to verify the value of keeping parts or all of each.

Southland Engineering combined the salvaged and distributed existing equipment and materials into simple systems to serve the increased and relocated facility mechanical loads. The teams’ designs focused on maximizing backup and efficient operations while saving significant first costs by avoiding general installation trade work.

Working closely with local code officials to gain approval of the existing combined chiller and boiler room, Southland Engineering eliminated the cost of constructing new rooms for each and avoiding equipment relocation. A chemical engineering analysis was able to prove an alternate air monitoring method with enhanced controls would meet the code intent instead of the prescriptive requirements.

Collaborating with a world-renowned team, including architect Philippe Starck and top chef Jose Andres, led to creating safe and comfortable environments. The design team also optimized unique architectural elements to conceal mechanical systems throughout the complex. The facility’s six kitchens included three “show” kitchens with special challenges such as the open-air coal burning vertical grille that radiated excessive heat and smoke. To overcome this, Southland Engineering applied industrial mechanical design concepts not typical for commercial projects, including large-scale “push-pull” air distribution systems and spot cooling, to provide both comfort and energy efficiency.


Client: SBE

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Square Footage: 767,742