Los Angeles Mission College

Located in Sylmar, California, Los Angeles Mission College is a two-year community college serving the northeastern San Fernando Valley and the city of San Fernando. The school is accredited by the Western Association of States and Colleges and strives to provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality learning opportunities.

Spanning approximately 104,000 square feet, Southland Engineering provided HVAC and plumbing design services for the East Campus Complex. East Campus features high-tech laboratories, lecture halls and classrooms, communal gathering spaces and conference rooms, and administrative areas. The project also included a 5,300 square foot central utility plant.

Approach & Innovations

Exceeding owner expectations, Southland Engineering provided an energy efficient design that led to achieving LEED Platinum certification. Within the facility’s lab space, the design features a variable air volume control system to maximize efficient use of 100 percent outside air. To maximize efficiency, a heat recovery system is used for the lab’s air handling unit to pre-cool and pre-heat the lab’s outside air. The facility also includes occupancy sensors for classrooms, labs, and offices to reset when not in use, as well as carbon dioxide sensors for classrooms and conference rooms to optimize the outside air supply. The design also includes a low-pressure drop air system which reduces fan energy significantly.

Ultimately, the building systems provided savings above ASHRAE 90.1 standards, leading to 36.8 percent energy savings and 43.9 percent cost savings.


Client: Los Angeles Community College District

Location: Sylmar, California

LEED: Platinum

Square Footage: 104,000