Genentech Buildings 41 – 43

Located in Santa Clara, California, Genentech is a leading biotechnology company that specializes in discovering, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing medicines to treat patients with life-threatening medical conditions.

With three buildings spanning across approximately 320,000 square feet, Southland Engineering provided HVAC, process piping, and plumbing design services. Featuring chemistry, biology, chromatography, and research and development labs, as well as analytical and clinical trial suites, each facility plays an integral part in Genentech’s development pipeline.

Approach & Innovations

Challenged with various room requirements, Southland Engineering provided 100 percent outside air HVAC systems. Transmitting chemicals through the air runs the risk of hindering research or clinical trials. The use of a 100 percent outside air system with exhaust fans enhances the indoor air quality by eliminating potentially harmful chemicals recirculating throughout the three buildings.

The design team provided a solvent distribution system with four 200-liter liquid nitrogen storage and supply tanks.  Liquid nitrogen is the safest way to pump solvents. By pressurizing the nitrogen, it displaces the chemicals from the storage tank and transports it through the distribution system.

To dispose of hazardous liquids, Southland Engineering designed a high-performance liquid chromatography and active pharmaceutical ingredient solvent waste collection system. The design features a custom 2,000-gallon double contained stainless steel fireguard tank, as well as double contained stainless waste distribution piping stations to meet fire hazard requirements and avoid contamination.


Client: Genentech

Location: San Francisco, California


Square Footage: 320,000