January 4, 2017

Southland Engineering Ushers in a New Approach to Engineering Services

National Firm’s Connected Solutions Surpass Traditional Silo Methods with More Consistent Results, Savings


Dulles, VA (January 4, 2017)

Southland Industries, one of the nation’s largest MEP building systems experts, has launched Southland Engineering, a collaborative engineering firm that specializes in the planning, engineering, design, management, and coordination of building systems. Remaining connected to Southland’s full range of expertise, Southland Engineering is better equipped than traditional engineering firms to deliver designs that are efficient to install, operate, and maintain and achieve the budgets and schedule goals of the project.

“We’re not just starting an engineering firm—we are re-engineering the profession as a whole. Owners should expect engineers to create solutions that not only solve the technical challenges, but also contribute to solving the cost, construction, operation and maintenance challenges simultaneously.  Our engineering teams are equipped to tackle these issues and enhance the building process from start to finish,” stated Executive Vice President of Southland Engineering Michael McLaughlin.

With a focus on connected solutions, Southland Engineering is tearing down the traditional silos to achieve customers’ multifaceted goals of performance, energy, sustainability, quality, time, and resources for each project. The national engineering firm features an in-house team of engineers, coordinators, BIM specialists, and constructability experts, offering the unique ability to reduce overall cost by confirming the constructability, operation, and maintenance associated with its designs.

According to the Lean Construction Institute, only 30 percent of capital projects meet building owner expectations on budget and delivery date when using a traditional engineering firm model. “We saw an opportunity to offer a better approach to engineering services and through our collaboration, Southland Engineering produces cost-responsible, constructible solutions that push the envelope and redefine the expectations of a modern engineering firm,” said Ted Lynch, CEO of Southland Industries.

Southland Engineering considers the full lifecycle of building systems and their interaction with other building requirements, with expertise spanning mechanical, electrical, plumbing, process, fire protection, and building automation systems. The company serves a variety of markets and industries with deep experience in healthcare, semiconductor, and mission critical projects. Coupled with cutting-edge capabilities in areas like computational fluid dynamics and BIM, Southland Engineering’s innovative approach eliminates costly rework and pinpoints efficiencies in the construction processes for safer installation overall.



About Southland Engineering

Southland Engineering is engineering redefined. As your collaborative engineering partner, we produce cost-responsible, constructible solutions that push the envelope and redefine your expectations of a modern engineering firm. Offering a complete range of engineering services nationwide, our solutions achieve the multifaceted goals of performance, energy, sustainability, quality, time, and resources for each project. Utilizing the latest technology and industry tools, our in-house experts deliver innovative yet practical solutions and award-winning projects that enhance the indoor environment for years to come.

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