The Southland Engineering Difference

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text]We are not your average engineering firm. Our collaborative teams produce budget conscious, constructible — and when it makes sense, modular — designs that push the envelope. We achieve your multifaceted goals of performance, energy, sustainability, quality, time, and resources because we are different. Southland Engineering solutions redefine engineering.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Cost Responsible

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A cost responsible design is much more than choosing systems and equipment with a low first cost. At Southland Engineering, we understand that the choices we make during the design phase also affect your overall costs. Our engineers work to achieve balance between your first costs and the costs you experience later during installation, and ongoing through facilities operations. Working closely with veterans of the construction industry, our designers have immediate access to real-time material costs and data, which prevents guesswork and unexpected increases in cost. Using your budget goals as a baseline for success, we avoid over-engineering and simply present you with optimal design solutions that keep you on track.

Constructible Solutions

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Unlike many of our competitors, we speak construction. Our designs are engineered with efficient installation, operability, and maintenance servicing in mind. Southland Engineering has experienced constructability experts on staff that work directly with our design teams to ensure your building systems designs become reality—and avoid the change orders that could otherwise occur. We engineer solutions from beginning to end, leaving you with fully coordinated designs and a smooth entry into the construction phase.

Leading Innovations

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We see challenges as an opportunity to innovate: from dedicated outside air systems in healthcare facilities to energy efficient data center designs to modular construction designs that cut both schedule and cost in manufacturing projects. Southland Engineering thrives on developing creative solutions for your unique challenges. Our reputation for delivering leading innovations stems from constant collaboration amongst our engineering experts and lessons learned on past projects. Always working to achieve the unthinkable, we produce building systems designs that meet your project goals now and for years to come.

Integrated Teams

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When your end goals are considered early on in the design phase, your building systems and equipment can better serve you throughout the long run. Our teams collaborate using their combined knowledge of the facility lifecycle, which means your project is designed with end goals in mind. With engineers, constructability experts, and BIM specialists all working together in-house, Southland Engineering truly presents an integrated design team. Our holistic approach to design ensures drawings that seamlessly transition into constructed systems, which can be efficiently operated and maintained later on.

Modular Capabilities

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Modular design can not only improve your budget and construction quality, but can also reduce your overall project schedule. Southland Engineering has traveled the globe in search of the best and most challenging modular implementations. We have invested significant time and resources in understanding the best way to create repeatable units and multi-trade assemblies. Our experience collaborating with architects and structural engineers results in unique solutions to integration challenges. By actively looking for the opportunity to do more during the design phase, we can identify and increase efficiencies across the entire project and benefit multiple design and construction entities.