Hospitality Design

When you are in the hospitality business, your goal is to get people to come in – and stay in. A welcoming atmosphere means an aesthetically pleasing design that also provides optimal guest comfort.

Whether we are designing a state-of-the-art resort from the ground up or reengineering a classic getaway to compete with newer properties, Southland Engineering’s first priority is occupant comfort. We design ideally conditioned environments that keep your occupancy high and your guests happy. Our carefully planned building systems designs help you attain your the aesthetics goals of your facility, while providing the ability to adjust for individual spaces. With energy efficiency in mind, our building systems operate as intended as well offer your staff ease of maintenance.

Designing systems so equipment resides in back-of-house areas, camouflaging ductwork in architectural features, or creating special effects piping that keeps the magic alive is all part of our expertise—and your big picture and bottom line.