Designing for Healthcare

Both new healthcare facilities and those in need of significant remodeling face the challenge of continuing to operate safely, without interruption. This requires specific healthcare-focused engineering experience, and in-depth knowledge of applicable codes regulating the permitting and licensing of such facilities.

Southland Engineering is familiar with the needs of medical staff, as well hospital operations and equipment. For decades, we have provided the design expertise required to develop innovative solutions for both small and large scale healthcare projects across the country. Our ability to design reliable, energy efficient systems and equipment for maximum flexibility means your facility will be able to accommodate future medical and technological advances.

With in-house designers, detailers, and constructability experts, our projects utilize the best technologies available in the industry and ensure architecture, structure, and building systems are coordinated early on to optimize space use, improve access, and reduce cost. Our proposed solutions maximize available space by minimizing equipment room and shaft sizes, while optimizing service access and maintainability of the equipment. With constructability and cost awareness at the forefront of every Southland Engineering project, our designs are fully coordinated, using real-time construction costs and proven practices, leading to the quick delivery of high quality construction projects critical to the healthcare industry.