Manufacturing Facilities Designs

Whether your production consists of widgets, chemicals, or food service, your industrial facilities demand a thoughtful design that provides flexibility for future expansion.

From large-scale printing presses to microprocessor manufacturing, Southland Engineering understands the unique needs of industrial and manufacturing buildings. We analyze the specific requirements of your production system and design an environment that combines specialized HVAC systems and optimized use of space to keep your production line running at its most efficient level. In addition to helping ensure a healthy and efficient working environment, we design for the energy-saving and green building concepts that best suit your facility and product type.

Our experienced engineers ensure that your new facility meets — or exceeds — all existing air quality and ventilation standards and helps your facility achieve LEED certification, if desired. We have the expertise needed to design a thoroughly modern system that incorporates all of the latest innovations, allows for future upgrades, and keeps your facilities well-within current standards and regulations. From our initial design meeting, every decision reflects our understanding that operational quality is integral to your bottom line.