Southland Engineering is engineering redefined.

As your collaborative engineering partner, we produce cost-responsible, constructible solutions that push the envelope and redefine your expectations of a modern engineering firm. Offering a complete range of engineering services nationwide, our solutions achieve the multifaceted goals of performance, energy, sustainability, quality, time, and resources for each project.

Our integrated team of in-house engineers, coordinators, and constructibility experts has the unique ability to reduce overall cost by confirming the constructability, operation, and maintenance associated with our designs. Considering the full life-cycle of building systems and their interaction with other building requirements, we ensure our solutions meet both your immediate project goals and the long-term goals of your facilities. From our leading expertise in building information modeling to experience designing for prefabrication and modular construction, our practical solutions address lean principles, speed to market, and alternative construction strategies while enhancing the value of your facilities.

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As a leader in the green building movement, we take pride in the cost-effective, energy efficient solutions we provide. Recognizing the large impact that the reduction of facilities’ energy consumption can have, our designs are focused on responsibly conserving natural resources and eliminating waste whenever possible. Our LEED-accredited engineers and certified energy managers are well versed in integrating energy efficiency and US Green Building Council (USGBC) standards into both new construction and retrofit/renovation projects. From energy modeling and computational fluid dynamics to building automation controls and energy analysis, we can help you achieve maximum efficiency for your facility from the start of design.

Delivery Types

We understand that each project and facility is unique, and requires a customized approach. With vast experience in a variety of project delivery types, our solutions meet both your immediate and longterm goals.


Consulting: We can provide the technical expertise and root cause analysis required to transform your facilities needs and challenges into easy-to-digest options and opportunities. Using the latest industry tools and technology, like building information modeling and computational fluid dynamics, our team of experts seeks to fully understand and collaborate with you to develop fully vetted suggestions prior to beginning design. With your requirements in mind, our recommendations can help you determine what route is most viable for you and your facilities goals.

Design-Assist: Southland Engineering has the unique ability to serve as the Engineer of Record, while ensuring a smooth transition to construction. Our deep understanding of core engineering fundamentals and capabilities, coupled with cost and construction knowledge, allows us to deliver well thought out, constructible designs within your budget.

With constructability experts on staff, our familiarity with the construction process means we work well with other contractors and are adept at helping to select preferred builders. This direct contact with construction also gives us access to real-time costs, creating a desirable balance of cost, constructability, and delivery speed for your project. Speaking the same language as contractors and understanding relationships with vendors, Southland Engineering can optimize your project outcome in line with your priorities.

Design-Build:  With decades of design-build experience, Southland Engineering can help you reap the benefits of a single-source solution. Supporting design-build projects day in and day out, we can ensure constructible, cost responsible solutions.

Combining our renowned engineering team with BIM coordination capabilities, preconstruction becomes a seamless process. Whether we engage our in-house constructibility team or another contractor, we are comfortable taking on the shared risk of design-build project delivery and are always looking for innovative ways to produce the best end results for you. From increasing prefabrication and modular construction to understanding how system selection impacts overall cost and schedule, our goal is to deliver higher quality outcomes in less time, while ultimately improving how your facility is designed, built, and operated.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): At Southland Engineering, we see integrated project delivery (IPD) as a natural extension of our ability to collaborate to develop innovative and cost responsible solutions. By aligning the entire project team at the start of the project, the use of IPD and multi-party integrated forms of agreement leads to optimized solutions, shared risk and reward, cost savings, and maximum efficiency.

IPD project decisions are made with valuable input from all team members to ensure solutions are optimized project-wide, and that design and construction is executed as a single entity. With contracts that reinforce and reward team collaboration, IPD allows us to proactively take accountability for the risks we are best suited to control. Striving to maximize the team’s efficiency, we incorporate lean principles and collaborative technology, like building information modeling to improve our collaboration, coordination, and knowledge transfer. Through our target value design and cost estimating abilities, we identify realistic goals and relentlessly pursue solutions that maximize value within your project’s budget.