Get Your Hands Dirty.
Transform Concepts To Reality.

Viewing students as potential hires, Southland Engineering ensures each intern and co-op student receives an opportunity like none other. From week one, you will become a significant part of the day-to-day design work that has allowed Southland to push the envelope and redefine the expectations of a modern engineering firm.

During your time with us, we focus on four things: creating continuous learning opportunities, getting you acquainted with various resources throughout the company, providing real world experiences, and ensuring we expand not only your network, but your social calendar.


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Design Your Path.

An internship with Southland Industries means choosing your path forward. We believe that the more opportunities presented to those that work here, the greater the results. Your time with us will be spent turning textbook concepts to reality through real-world responsibilities. During weekly trainings and learning sessions, we encourage interns to express interest in the many facets of our company.  Whether your focus is mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, BIM, or CFD, an internship at Southland allows you to choose your path forward.

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Build Your Future.

Everyday is a chance to form experiences and learn something new. We do all that we can to present you with the materials needed to build the future you desire. Our internships are viewed as a three-month interview designed to cultivate future full-time employees. That means being treated like an equal and being given real responsibilities on real projects for real clients.

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Optimize Your Potential.

From your first day with Southland to your last, you will work alongside a mentor that helps guide and teach you throughout your summer or semester here. Each mentor is a full-time Southland employee working in the same department or trade and is a great resource for the questions you are encouraged to ask. A continuous interest and curiosity is an integral part in broadening your knowledge and skillset. Your experience with us is whatever you make it, and we welcome the opportunity to help you meet and exceed your goals.

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